These interviews were filmed during the NUTRIMENTHE International Conference in Granada, 13th September 2013.  Researchers from the project answer questions about their work, the results and any new information that has come to light.

Project Coordinator, Professor Cristina Campoy from the University of Granada, Spain, discusses the importance of maternal nutrition, before and during pregnancy, for optimal neurodevelopment in children, and the lasting legacy of the project.

A discussion of the importance of thyroid hormones and maternal thyroid function during pregnancy on foetal brain development - Professor Henning Tiemeier, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

New results about the effect of folate on brain development, advice to women planning a pregnancy - Associate Professor, Tonya White, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The importance of eating fish during pregnancy and childhood, on mental performance, including behaviour.  What in fish is the important nutrient, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine? If you don't eat fish, what should you include in your diet instead? -  Dr Pauline Emmett, University of Bristol, UK.

How maternal genetic background influences how fatty acids are processed in maternal and child tissues and an explanation of relatively new fields of research, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and nutriepigenomics - Dr Eva Reischl Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany.

An explanation of mental performance and how it was measured in the NUTRIMENTHE project - Professor Miguel Perez, University of Granada.

A discussion about early protein intake in childhood and subsequent mental performance and new results regarding head growth during infancy and childhood and mental performance in children aged 7 and 8 -  Dr Veronica Luque, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain.


A discussion about what parents and teachers understand by the term mental performance, the studies undertaken to address this and how best to communicate the results to parents- Dr Bernadette Egan, Univerisity of Surrey, UK


A discussion about the economic studies taking place in NUTRIMENTHE, which is finding that breastfeeding impacts on educational achievement at the age of 16 -  Niels Straub, Institute of Market Research Strategy and Planning, Munich, Germany.



The video clips below, were filmed during NUTRIMENTHE's Open Forum that took place on 6th October 2010 in York (UK).  In each clip, researchers from the project explain the rationale behind their studies, progress to date and the results so far. The clips are also visible on You Tube here.


Introduction to NUTRIMENTHE and an interview with the Coordinator, Professor Cristina Campoy.


Folic acid supplements taken during pregnancy and mental performance in toddlers.

Dr Sabine Roza from the Erasmus Medical Centre, discusses how folic acid supplements, taken during pregnancy, can affect a child's behaviour in toddlerhood.


The benefits of eating fish during pregnancy, and breastfeeding for babies

Dr Pauline Emmett from the University of Bristol discusses the benefits of breastfeeding and how eating fish during pregnancy is beneficial for cognitive function in childhood.


Breastfeeding versus formula feeding and its relationship to mental performance in school-aged children.

Dr Darek Gruszfeld from the Children's Memorial Hospital, Warsaw, explains the background to the study that is looking at whether different protein content in formula milk or breast feeding in babies, results in differing mental performance in school aged children.


B-vitamin supplementation in young children.

Dr Sheila Wiseman from Unilever explains why Nutrimenthe is studying B vitamin supplementation in young children, the role of B vitamins in brain development and the regulations governing the heatlh claims for supplements.


The Phenylketoneuria study

Dr Hans Demmelmair from explains how studying children with phenylketoneuria could help Nutrimenthe provide dietary recommendations for fatty acid intake for children in the general population.


Measuring mental performance, the development of a neuropsychological test battery.

Professor Miguel Perez-Garcia from the University of Granada explains how Nutrimenthe is tackling the measurement of mental performance in children of different ages in different countries.


What do parents understand by the term 'mental performance' and an explanation of NUTRIMENTHE's study into the economics of improving mental performance

In addition to nutrition studies, Nutrimenthe is also addressing parents perceptions of the relationship between diet and mental performance and the economics of improving mental performance. Dr Bernadette Egan from the University of Surrey UK, and Niels Straub from the Institute for market Research, Strategy and Planning, Munich, explain.


NUTRIMENTHE's future aims.

NUTRIMENTHE aims to establish positive dietary recommendations for a number of nutrients and to improve public knowledge of the role of diet in the mental performance of children. NUTRIMENTHE will continue until February 2013. If you wish to keep up to date with our progress, please register for our newsletter.

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