13th March 2014
The Power of Programming 2014 International Conference on Developmental Origins of Adiposity and Long-Term Health more
17th November 2013
8th World Congress on the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 17th 20th November 2013. Singapore more
29th October 2013
Feeding Healthy Minds - Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Children's Brain Development Organised by Food and Behaviour Research. more
15th September 2013
The 20th International Congress of Nutrition - Granada 2013 "Joining cultures through nutrition" more
13th September 2013
NUTRIMENTHE International Conference This event will showcase the results and key messages of the NUTRIMENTHE project. more
NUTRIMENTHE - Young Scientists' Forum Competition An opportunity for Young Scientists to showcase their work to their peers and an internationally renowned audience of researchers. more
19th June 2013
NutrEvent - Lille, France The key event for innovation in nutrition and health. more
22nd May 2013
5th International Congress of the Federation of the European Societies for Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM) This conference will provide a forum for the exchange and discussion of information on the various scientific aspects of trace elements and minerals research. more
21st May 2013
Launch of British Nutrition Task Force Report 'Nutrition and Development: short and long term consequences for health' The Foundation is holding a conference to launch its latest Task Force report on 'Nutrition and development: short and long term consequences for health’. more
15th November 2012
Milanopaediatria Nutrition-Genetics-Environment for health education more
14th October 2012
XXth World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics This event is the major psychiatric genetics meeting of the year, where hundreds of researchers and clinicians from all over the world converge to discuss advances in the field. more
11th July 2012
Euroscience Open Forum 2012 Europe's biggest science festival comes to Ireland more
11th June 2012
EURISTIKOS Excellence Centre for Paediatric Research Free event: Lipids and Programming more
24th May 2012
NUTRITION AND COGNITIVE FUNCTION Organised by the NUTRIMENTHE project and hosted by Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. more
23rd April 2012
Omega-3 Summit 2012 The Global Omega-3 Summit 2012 is the follow-up of the successful policy summit of 2011, where six consensus statements were signed by all participants. more
18th April 2012
Early Nutrition Academy Symposium Second announcement of the symposium "Nutritional Programming from Theory to Practice" more
EURRECA/WHO Workshop: Deriving micronutrient recommendations: updating best practices. This workshop aims at reviewing the methodology behind deriving micronutrient requirements and at identifying the current gaps and challenges faced during this process. more
1st March 2012
International Conference on Nutrition and Growth - 1st - 3rd March 2012, Paris The N&G 2012 conference on pediatric gastroenterology and endocrinology follows the success of the pediatric workshop on nutrition and growth held in Prague on March 11-12, 2010. more
28th October 2011
NUTRIMENTHE Symposium 'Nutrition and Cognitive Function' at the 11th European Nutrition Conference, FENS, Madrid more
27th October 2011
7th International Workshop on Nutrition and Health - Brussels more
26th October 2011
FENS European Nutrition Conference more
6th September 2011
Tackling Obesity in Early Childhood more
15th June 2011
NutrEvent The key event for innovation in nutrition and health. more
14th June 2011
Critical micronutrients in pregnancy, lactation and infancy more
3rd March 2011
Global Summit on Nutrition, Health and Human Behaviour Health Claims Europe presents and new and exciting programme. more
18th January 2011
Nutrition in Childhood New strategies for surviving in a changing environment. more
26th November 2010
The National Nutrition and Health Conference 2010 more
9th November 2010
School and Community Breakfast Clubs Conference more
20th October 2010
The role of science in food policy more
6th October 2010
FREE PUBLIC EVENT- Feeding the Future Generation "Does what we feed our children influence their behaviour and intelligence?" more
15th September 2010
ENA Cantabria Postgraduate School "Early Nutrition and Physical Activity: Determinants for Metabolic Programming" more
2nd July 2010
EuroScience Open Forum, Turin, 2nd - 7th July 2010 A biennial event dedicated to scientific research in varied disciplines. more
15th June 2010
International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics - IPC2010. 15th-17th June 2010, Slovakia IPC2010 is the latest event of the successful conference series focusing on probiotics in 2000, 2004, and 2008. more
8th June 2010
2nd International MoniQA Conference, 8-10 June 2010, Krakow, Poland "Emerging and persisting food hazards: Analytical challenges and socio-economic impact" more
26th May 2010
XXII European Congress - PERiNATAL MEDICINE, 26th-29th May 2010 Granada, Spain The XXII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine follows on from the success of the XXI event held in Istanbul in 2008. more
8th May 2010
New Investigators Forum. May 8th 2010 at The Power of Programming Conference, Munich This forum is dedicated to career building issues for new investigators. more
6th May 2010
The Power of Programming - 6th-8th May 2010, Munich Nutrition during pregnancy and infancy can exert important long-term effects on development and health. Recent findings on the relationship between maternal and infant diet will be presented. more
23rd March 2010
Taste · Nutrition · Health International Congress, 23rd-24th March, Dijon, France more
18th November 2009
European Food Science Day more
1st October 2009
Early Nutrition Academy - Postgraduate school 5 Day Winter School - ROLE OF NUTRITION ON BRAIN DEVELOPMENT AND BEHAVIOUR more
ENA Granada Post Graduate School 2009 Role of nutrition on Brain Development and Behaviour. Nutrenvigen-G+D Factors Master Meeting 2009 Granada, 1-4 October 2009 more
20th September 2009
European Science Foundation- Research Conference Gene Expression to Neurobiology and Behaviour: human brain development and developmental disorders more
8th September 2009
Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives. Three day international, interdisciplinary conference Tues 8th, Wed 9th, Thurs 10th Sept 2009 Grange over Sands, Cumbria more
27th June 2009
Paediatric Nutrition: An Evidence-Based Approach This is a 5 day summer school organised by the ESPGHAN Committee on Nutrition 27 June – 2 July 2009, Cracow, Poland more
17th June 2009
Nutrevent - Lille , France A European event for research and innovation in nutrition and health more
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