22nd May 2013: 5th International Congress of the Federation of the European Societies for Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM)


Investigation of the biological role of trace elements and minerals (TEM) has gained outstanding importance in the life sciences. Elements present even at minimal concentrations in biological and environmental matrices, in fact, can exert fundamental influence on vital functions depending on their amounts and species. It is also worth stressing, in this context that new trace elements are being added to the list of those that are known or suspected to be essential.


A major goal of the symposium is to strengthen the connection between fundamental investigations and medical practice by facilitating discussions about role of trace elements and minerals in biology and medicine, including biochemical and clinical applications, analytical aspects, human and animal nutrition, supplementation and epidemiology. The International Scientific Committee invites all scientists involved and/or interested in the biological role of trace elements and minerals to participate in this 5th FESTEM symposium, to discuss and cooperate with colleagues in a friendly atmosphere. Welcome to 14th century papal city, the cultural heritage.

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Location: Avignon, France                  Date: May 22nd to 24th 2013.

Abstract deadline: November 1st, 2013

Registration fees will increase on December 1st 2012.

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